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Agilent VISA detecting USB Instruments status

Question asked by jblaschk on Jul 25, 2011
I am not sure this is the right forum but I have a question about VISA programming with the Agilent IO Libraries Suite 16.0. I am trying to write a simple Visual Studio 2010 C# windows forms VISA program that will automatically detect when a USB instrument is connected/disconnected to the USB port or powered On/Off, similar to the Agilent Connection Expert Instrument tree. There is good documentation and sample code for VISA applications, and I know I have to open a default resource manager session followed by opening the resource instrument. But I do not see anything in the VISA API about detecting the Windows USB messages/events when an instrument on the USB port changes status (connects/disconnects, powers on/off). Basically I am trying to recreate the Agilent Connection Expert's Instrument tree that updates instruments and changes status live. This is for a larger C# GUI application that will be sending IVI-COM commands to control several power supplies and electronic loads. I would like the GUI to display a live updating tree showing the instruments whenever they go offline or online with the USB. Is this possible with the VISA IO Libraries Suite programming API or should I be looking more on the Windows API side for handling USB messages/events?

Thanks for any replies