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Remote sensing with N5746A

Question asked by dbell on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2011 by PeterW
The power supply is wired with a custom cable to a chassis in the console we are building.
There are separate wires for the current carrying leads and a twisted-shielded pair for remote, sense wired to the +S and -S terminals, with the factory jumpers removed.
During initial checkout and software development, I programmed the supply to 28 VDC with appropriate current, OVP, etc. limits, with a 20 Ohm power resistor as a test load.

Inadvertently, the resistor was connected only to the current leads, and the remote sense leads were left open.
Contrary to expectations, when Output ON was sent, the supply powered up and drove the resistor correctly to 1.4 Amps.

According to the manual , the supply should have thrown an error and shut down.

Is there a software configuration I need to send to enable remote sensing?
Is there an internal back-up connection (resistors or diodes) to prevent open-sense lead errors?