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Question asked by virgiltu on Aug 31, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2010 by PingWei

I wrote a program that will dump data into an excel sheet from a specific cell to another. The excel sheet is a template so it is opened at the beginning of the problem for a specific location. (It has a header and a footer) header starts from A1 to A10 and footer starts from A39 till end) So I only have from A10 to A39 .
Each line is populated by a test. SO A11 is test 1, A12 is test 2 and so on till A39. However sometimes I have a test with 45, 65 or more tests witch means that my data has to be dumped on two sheets. I can dump the data but it will rewrite my footer to the next sheet. So how can i tell the code to populate from A10 to A39 and continue on a new page from A10 to A39. and print. Note if there are unde 39 i only need one page to print out if i have lets say 100 i will need 4 pages to print out.

I know this is a lot but i can not figure it out.

Thank you for the help.