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C deployment without I/O Libraries Installed

Question asked by ceken on Aug 30, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by ceken
Dear All,
I don't know exactly is this correct forum but I could not find any that matches my problem.
1.I have installed IO Libraries Suite 15.5 on the computer that I develop instrument control application.(I use .NEt and C# 2008)
2.I have developed a application software that controls, make calibrations, transfers data, make some graphical analysis,save data... on Agilent N5230A using Agilent agvisa32.dll and visa32.cs
3.I have create Setup and deployment project in VS .NET(C#)(adding agvisa32.dll,visa32.dll files to the project)
4.That installation project is needed so that we can deploy our applications to the target computers where there sould be NO IO Libraries installed.
5.If I install the software on the computer that I develop instrument control application, there is no problem, it runs without any problem
6.But if I try to run the software on the target computer(NO IO Libs installed) after installation, it gives "Unable to load DLL 'agvisa32.dll':A dynamic link library(DLL) initialization routine failed.(Exception From HRESULT:0x8007045A)" error message.

So, what are the names of the required files to be added to the installation project so that one can easily deploy and run the program without any problem or do I have to install IO Libraries to each target computer

Cengiz EKEN
Test Design Engineer