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I canÂt import a 3D layout to EMDS !!!

Question asked by AMPARO on Jul 23, 2007
Hello everybody:

I have a question about Agilent´s EMDS (Electromagnetic design System) and I don´t know where I have to put it, so I have decided to write it in this forum.

I want to import a 3D layout made with a simulator called MEMSPro to EMDS to make an electromagnetic simulation. However, when I click in Project>Project manager>SAT Import, my 3D layout doesn´t appear in the SAT files. I read in the help toppics that if I want to import a a 3D picture to EMDS, it have to have a .sat extension. However, my 3D picture has a .TDB extension.

How can I import this 3D picture to EMDS?

Thank you.