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PEL: LSYNC input does not synchronize immediatly

Question asked by bdormieu on Feb 1, 2013
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I am currently using ICCAP20011 and i try to fill a LSYNC input
However the size of that input seems to not follow immediately the size of the "Master Sweep" 

As an example, here is a piece of PEL code, assuming we have a input "Index" which is the Master Sweep of the LSYNC input "L". Sizes of the input are initalized at 10 :

+newnumvalues = 11+

+iccap_func( "./Index", "SetTableFieldValue", "# of Values", VAL$(newnumvalues))+

+for i=1 to newnumvalues+
    +iccap_func( "./L", "SetTableFieldValue", "Value "&VAL$(i), VAL$(i) )+ 
+next i+

At  first execution, ic-cap complains that it can't found "Value 11" for input "L"
At the second one, it does not complain anymore, L input size is actually 11

Maybe the use of  "# of Values" to resize the input is not the correct thing to do, but i don't know what to do instead

I finally found a solution by forcing the re-actualization  with the supplementary line after the resize:
+iccap_func( "./L", "SetTableFieldValue", "Master Sweep", "Index")+
but it slightly looks like a hacking

What is the correct thing to do in order to resize both the master sweep input and the LSYNC?



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