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Can 33500 do this?

Question asked by john on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by lhornburg

I don't yet have a 33500 but I'm currently looking into it but must first have a couple of questions answered. Hope you people can assist. I'm going for the model with arbitrary functionality and 1MS memory.

I want to generate a sinus with different amplitudes, frequencies, duration etc. 
Example: first 10s of 10kHz with amplitude 5V and then 15s of 8kHz with amplitude of 3V and so on.
Will this "eat" up my 1MS memory or is it just somehow sequenced without affecting the available memory for arbitrary signals?
I mean, 10s with 100kS/s (every cycle will be 10 points for a 10kHz sinus) is already 1MS!

How to enter such a signal without using USB stick or manually on the display. I want to download it and then start the generation. Not changing the signal online from a PC after the first 10s and rely on PC-timing.

Many thanks!