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External Amplifier for 3000 X-series

Question asked by sören_nilsson on Nov 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by Willco788
On my DSOX 3014A I find the 1mV/div input sensitivity to low.
Therefor I'm looking for an amplifier that can be placed directly on the BNC input connector and that can get power supply from the connector underneath.
10 times amplification is enough for the moment. But if it has 100 times amplification this may also be useful.

Or is it possible to purchase some empty general purpose BNC-box with DSOX 3000 interface pins?
Then I can build the amplifier myself.

Anyone who knows what the 9 pads under the input ports are used for? (One seems to be ground...)
What voltages are available here? How clean and stable are they?

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