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Agilent B2902A SMU Questions

Question asked by glowitz on Jul 26, 2012
I recently purchased an Agilent B2902A Source Measure Unit. This forum (Data Acquisition) seems to be the best fit -- but let me know if I should be asking this in a different forum.


1) Is there any way to overlay multiple triggered sweeps on a single graph? For example, I would like to test several components (say LEDs) and compare the graphs on the same screen to see the deviation between components. I've attached two files as examples. I'd like the option to overlay these -- possibly as many as 50-100 runs (or more).

2) Can the screen dump be saved as a PNG or TIFF/BMP rather than a JPG? JPG is fine for some applications -- but it is already compressed, which doesn't do as well with graphic type images (better with photos). You can see some JPEG artifacts in areas. Please implement PNG or uncompressed as an option. These images may be used for reproduction later and starting with JPG already reduces image quality right out of the gate.

3) Is there any way to have only a single X or Y cursor? Some applications require delta measurements, but others may just require a single X or Y cursor to find an intersection point. Maybe it says in the manual but I didn't see it at first.

I do have other questions, but let's start here...

Thanks in advance for any help. I would like to establish contact with the product management team for the B2900 series as I have several usability recommendations that would improve the product -- and all are likely firmware/software updates.

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