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U1271A resistance measurement issues

Question asked by scidude on Jun 6, 2012
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I've recently updated my bench with a host of new Agilent equipment.  So far, I'm enjoying myself but I have one oddity with the resistance setting on my new U1271A.  If I short the leads in "Auto" mode, I'll measure roughly .15 ohms.  Normal and expected behaviour.  The interesting thing happens when I press the "Range" button.  As I press the range button repeatedly to change ranges, I seem to retain a digit or two, meaning on the lowest range I'll see a reading of .15 ohms but with the leads short, I'll get a reading of "0.006" on the 3k range and "0.0002" on the 3 meg range.  That means a short reads 200 ohms on the 3 meg range.  I brought the unit to the dealer and we all scratched our heads at this behaviour.  We then got the dealer's U1273A out of the show case and observed a similar behaviour.  Are we missing something?  Perhaps a certain setting cause this unexpected behaviour?  Perhaps it requires a firmware update? Any advice would help as this behaviour causes me to tend to dought my readings when using this meter.  Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.