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Question asked by dtbespal on Mar 18, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2011 by odanzy

I have installed Agilent Connection Expert 16.0 and I have installed the IVI Shared Components 2.1.1. I am trying to verify that the Shared Components have been installed in Matlab R2010B by running:

instrhwinfo ('ivi')

This results in the following error:
??? Error using ==>
at 40
The IVI Configuration Server could not be accessed.

Error in ==> instrhwinfo>localFindIVIDrivers at 476
store = iviconfigurationstore;

Error in ==> instrhwinfo at 189
                out = localFindIVIDrivers;

I notice that i fails when it tries to find the IVI Configuration Store. Can you please tell me if there are some steps that I have missed?

Thank you,

Dylan Bespalko