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HP83640A Phase Detector Burnt out

Question asked by miro on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2013 by miro
My HP83640A has had a tough destiny: recently the A5 board (YO Phs det, part No 08360-60009) smoked out. Close inspection revealed the most probable source of the smoke: an unknown to me element, three-pined roundly looking thing with the marking 106K/10K (see pictures 1 - of the device, and 2 - of a similar part on-board) and an inductor, whose colour code is not readable, located next to J1 (picture 3). I would be forever grateful to the one that can tell me what the first element is and what the colour code (even better, the value) of the inductor is.

Thanks a million in advance.

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