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Downgrade a full GCX Cal to Enhanced Response Cal

Question asked by ronel on May 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 24, 2013 by gfarrel

I am fully automating a calibrated gain compression measurement (GCX) for a mixer/amplifier module but only want to measure SC21.  The analyzer is calibrated and measures a fully corrected GCX sweep but I don't want the analyzer to measure the reverse (SC12) direction and I don't need return losses (SC11 and SC22).  My preference is to downgrade a full GCX calibration to an "Enhanced Response Cal".  I am able to set the "Enhanced Response Cal" manually for only SC21 sweep but unable to do this remotely.  Is there a parameter to switch off the SC12 sweep?

To disable the reverse sweep from the front panel navigate to “Select Calibration Type” page by Response -> Cal -> Mange Cals -> Correction Methods… and uncheck all the calibration types.
The Calibration Type results in “SMCRsp”.  I used the Calibration Type as a parameter but this turns on the reverse measurements.

I've attached a word doc with a picture of the "Select Calibration Type" page and the text above.  Thanks for any help.


PNA-X model N5242A
Firmware: A.09.80.16
Options: 080, 083, 400, 419, 423
Build: 59.0 (Release)