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PM_Mod input signals

Question asked by anna.miskiewicz on Jun 22, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2007 by kkladopoulos
Hi All,
I have a question concerning the PM_Mod block. I have looked into the bpsk_mod_demod_prj Example project.
However, in my project I have to first generate a spread spectrum signal (named test_sig) containing information data and spreading code and BPSK-modulate it. test_sig is created based on Matlab file and numeric source (and some additional components). Next I convert it to timed signal to feed it to the PM_Mod block input. However, the output spectrum from the modulator doesn't look at all like a BPSK spectrum.
TimeStep is set well, the data spreading also works as it should, I set the Sensitivity parameter of modulator to 90deg.
Is it possible that the modulator doesn't work with numeric sources converted to timed signal?

Do you have any ideas what is the cause of the unexpected results?