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8753C configuration EEprom default values after eprom replacement

Question asked by maikhermanns on Nov 21, 2012
Hi all together,
While making a security copy of my personal HP8753C s Xicor 2816 EEprom I realized, that the databit "2" is faulty. ... always high in every word.
So almost all information is corrupted, but the analyzer basically runs without direct error messages, but tends to "hang up" while plotting and other bugs occur apparently... .
I now made a copy of the eeprom of the analyzer of my boss's company and plugged it into mine for testing. Now it runs but needs a recalibration, it warns of false locks - and does false lock indeed. ;(

So I'm looking at best for a initial eeprom set of values before calibration.
In the worst case I would have to use the other's analyzer data and correct it for my serial number.
A description of the data bit meaning would be intresting as well, I remember Dr. Joel mentioned in this forum a long time ago, that it might be possible to lower the minimum usable frequency by eprom or eeprom values - that would be nice to have. 
Or is there maybe a utility in the firmware to reset the eeprom to default values ?

kind regards


I forgot : to get these old eeproms is quite hard here in germany. Chinese sellers sell used ones in tubes of ten for about 1,50Euro/each, but with unknown write cycle history. But better then nothing. Has somebody any suggestions for alternative memory chips which are available new ?

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