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Millimeter wave receiver gain measurement

Question asked by CGALBRAI_eesof on Jan 31, 2013
I have a receiver (amplifier-mixer-LO chain) whose gain I'd like to measure (scalar measurement is fine). The receiver input is 110-120 GHz, and the IF output is 20-30 GHz. 

Available test equipment includes:

E8361A (67 GHz) VNA
Millitech extender kit for 110-126 GHz measurement (one up-converter with reflectometer, and one down-converter)
E4448A (50 GHz) spectrum analyzer
OML M06HWD 90-140 GHz extension module (mixer) for spectrum analyzer
Various signal sources, waveguide components (attenuator, short, load, etc.)

My first thought was to use the VNA in frequency offset mode to measure the receiver gain, using the Millitech up-converter on VNA port 1 to drive the receiver RF port, with port 2 on the IF port. My problem is calibration: how I can remove the response of the up-converter?

Any other ideas on measuring receiver gain using the available equipment?

Thanks for any ideas!