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SOLVED: 81940A no scanning

Question asked by pchilds on Jul 22, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by ronunes
I have an Agilent 8163B mainframe with a 81940A Tuneable Laser Source and after lots of messing about with drivers and getting a GPIB card (I fail to see why we're paying for GPIB, RS232 and ethernet interfaces and only have support for communication through one) I have managed to get the basic forms of communication (turning the laser on and off, changing and reading the power/wavelength) working fine. However, when trying to get the laser to perform a sweep (using the hp816x_set_TLS_sweep function) absolutely nothing happens, not even a returned error. The wavelength is at its initial state and not the start or stop values that should occur.
The driver version I'm using is 4.4.1 and I'm use LabVIEW8.2 along with a set of wrapper functions for calling the driver.

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