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Aliasing in data acquired by averaging and transfered to the pc

Question asked by floj on Jun 5, 2012

i am using the DSO-X 3034A.
Setup of the Oscilloscope: 
Acqire: Averaging 2048; Timescale 100 ms/div -> Samplerate shown on the display 250 kSa/s

The Signal i measure is generated with a signalgenerator. Sinewave 10 kHz, 1 Vpp.

I use the program +Run IntuiLink Data Capture+ with the option Acquisitions: Use Current Acquisition; Number of Points: All

When i click on Get Data, i receive 16k Samples for a signal length of 1 second with a samplerate of 16 kSa/s. Making a FFT on this data in Matlab, i get an Aliasfrequency-peak in the spectrum at 6kHz (= 16kHz - 10kHz).

I know that i get 1M Samples if i am choosing acquire: normal, but i want the averaging mode. Independent of the number of averages (here 2048) i only receive 16k Samples. Is there a chance to increase this number?
Why isn't the oscilloscope sending the signal without the aliases? I don't mind getting a signal with samplerate 16kSa/s but i don't want aliases in it. The oscilloscope sampled the signal with 250kSa/s so it doesnt recognize an alias of 10kHz at 6kHz.