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Device -> .NET assembly reference menu in VEE

Question asked by Udaybn on Aug 22, 2010
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I use .NET Assembly Reference menu in VEE to import the libraries for Agilent N4010A (WLAN test instrument from Agilent).  When I wrote the program, the DLL for N4010A had a given version; now that has changed to a higher version.


The problem I have is that the user has to reload the newer DLL through .NET Assembly reference menu in VEE before using the program.  Without that, the program does not work (since it was looking for an older version in C:\Program Files\Agilent\WLAN Test folder and does not find it there).  It does not automatically pick up the newer version from that folder.


Is there anyway I can load that assembly automatically without the manual operation of .NET Assembly refences menu?  There must be some method but, I cannot find it.  I tried System.Reflection.Assembly.Load but, it does not seem to work.