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PNA/PNA-X S Parameter measurement channel not allowing ext PSG to be on

Question asked by rok on Feb 5, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2013 by daras

I am trying to take the return loss measurement for a downconverter using a standard S-Parameter channel on either a PNA or PNA-X. I need to take the return loss measurement when the LO is on and off. My LO is controlled by an external PSG that is commandable by the PNA-X. I have already preset the PSG with the right frequency and power, so all I need is to turn it on or off. So I go to the 'Power and Attenuators' section and explicitly turn on the external PSG. (i.e. Auto => On). However, when I run the actual measurement, it doesn't turn on the PSG. And when I check the Power and Attenuator settings again, my external PSG status was changed from 'On' back to 'Auto'. Is that suppose to be the intended behavior? And is there some other way to force the PSG to selectively turn on or off using a standard S parameter measurement class? For the PNA-X, I'm using the A.09.80.15 firmware and for the PNA, I'm using A.09.42.15.