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Active Load Pull with -088 on PNA-X

Question asked by andyTPE on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2012 by Dr_joel
Dear PNA -088 Users,

I have a question regarding the Active Load application for the -088 source control on the PNA-X.  

I understand the concept of active load pull, in that a 2nd source is used to synthesize a return back into the output of the DUT.  The firmware of the PNA-X controls the 2nd source and can servo the amplitude and phase to get the desired reflection coefficient.  My question is - do I need to perform a calibration (e.g. 2 port cal) in order for the active load response to be accurate.  It seems to me that in order to synthesize a, say 15 dB, return loss, I should know the load match term of port 2 (say this is 20 dB) - my source then needs to generate a vector that when summed with the load match gives the desired return loss.

In other words, do I need to calibrate the analyzer to obtain the load match term for the active load to be accurate (or is something else going on?)

Thank you