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HP 83640A - Frequency error on Low Band (10MHz to 2.4GHz)

Question asked by DomiB on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2014 by DomiB
Dear all,

My HP 83640A is working fine (frequency, level, sweep) from 2.4GHz up to 40 GHz, but the Low Band from 10MHz up to 2.4GHz has an issue on the frequency. On this band, the frequency is exactly 100 MHz below the frequency displayed.
For example, with a CW displayed of 1GHz, the actual frequency produced is 900MHz. This 100 MHz negative shift is exactly respected on the Low Band. The level is fine.
Not found any relevant information on the Service Manual nor in the Troubleshooting Manual.
And impossible to locate the CLIPs for this generator.
I would be very interested is somebody could give me some help.
Thanks in advance.