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HP54600A Rs232

Question asked by ka2000 on Feb 8, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by mkawasaki
Hi I have an *HP54600A oscilloscope* fitted with *HP54651A RS232 interface module*
I want to connect it with PC. The module in the back have a db25 F, after reading the manual, I am thinking of buying a null module cable (db25m to db25m null modem, or db25m db9f) from instrument to PC. 
*a1)*  Do these cable works fine, or do I need to build a cable like *HP 2913a* from the manual.
*a2)*  Which one is best to connect to Pc (IN) port db25m or db9m, and Why?

Reading the manual I found that *HP54658A* measurement/storage module with rs232 interface can work on this *HP54600A* scope, which would add Waveform Math Functions, and FFT capability.

*b1)*   Can any software, if any, collect data from oscilloscope through the fitted *HO54651A RS232*, be able to perform Data acquisition for FFT, since my scope have one.

*b2)* Or, do I have to upgrade to *HO54658A rs232* module to enhance the scope capability for Waveform Math Functions, and FFT.

*b3 )* MY Oscilloscope is running on 1.7 firmware, where can I get hold of new firmware (or ROM) to be able to fit *HP54658A* (the manual indicate a firmware of 2.2, so I need a new ROM).
*Not planning to buy new scope at the moment though!  
Thank you for your help