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Autotune unable to detect signal below 10Mhz on MXA

Question asked by thomas9003 on Feb 19, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by tabbott

I'm using 33522A to generate a sine wave at 325Hz, -5dBM to input onto a MXA.

See attached.

I autotune to detect my spot frequency, but the MXA is unable to detect any.

I set the frequency at 10Mhz and autotune, MXA can detect this signal.

Later i set up my start frequency at 300Hz, stop frequency 1MHz. 

MXA is also not able to detect my signal at 325Hz. See attached pic with marker at 325.2Hz.

My application is to measure the fundamental frequency at 325Hz and up to 5th harmonics.

But now, MXA is unable to detect such low signal.

Can it be due to my equipment issue? or is there a limitation at low frequency measurement?

Hope you can help.