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How to connect the function generator with the load? Please Help me

Question asked by jirasak on Feb 19, 2013
I used Agilent 33210A Waveform Generator.
My homework i have some question please help me
  - I use Waveform Generator create [ Sine wave frequency 1 kHz Vp-p 5 V ] if measurement by oscilloscope
    observed waveform is good which i create ( 1 kHz 5 Vp-p ) its, but after i connect waveform output with Load ~4 Ohm
    waveform is drop , after study i think Impedance not matching ( Waveform Generator input impedance ~ 50Ohm but Load is 4 Ohm ) ==> *It's that right ?* 

  *- How to connect with load 4 Ohm ? Have some example circuit ? ( RLC Circuit , or Op Amp (LM741) circuit ? )*

Please Help me thank you