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Trouble re-reading waveform file from the Oscillosope

Question asked by oscilliscoper on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by algoss
Hello All,

I've got a problem with exporting and importing waveforms from my MSOX3014A oscilloscope.

Here's the basic procedure I've been doing that has been giving me problems.
1) First I setup a simple waveform in ArbExpress (like a simple sine wave for instance).
2) I feed that wave into a arbitrary function generator (Tektronix AFG-3011) which feeds into my oscilloscope.
3) The waveform +shows up perfectly fine+ on the scope.
4) I take a flash drive, plug it into the scope and store the waveform data on to the flash drive in CSV form
5) I take the flash drive back to my PC and load the waveform into ArbExpress and feed it into the AFG and then into the scope.

Here is the problem, *although the data came directly from the scope, when it is read back in (unaltered), the waveform produced is distorted, garbled or otherwise just messed up.* The AFG seems to register the right amplitude and frequency, but the oscilloscope isn't displaying the waveform.

I've messed with sampling rates and other settings but the results don't seem to get any better. The strange thing is, +I took the CSV into MS Excel and plotted the data and it was able to reproduce a perfect sine wave+ (just like the one that was originally fed into the oscilloscope before the flash drive was used)!!

So the data is good. *If the file was written by the oscilloscope, why can't it read it back just the same?!*