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E7495A Batteries

Question asked by swperk on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2013 by swperk
I have some more questions about the E7495A:

1) Is there a separate backup battery for a real-time clock? If so, how does one replace it? The reason I ask is that on boot-up, in amongst all of the status lines scrolling by, there's one that says "Unable to set the hardware clock..." The GPS is able to get a satellite lock and is capable of setting what I assume is the software clock without a problem, but the setting goes away with power cycling.

2) The two NI2040AG Lithium Ion batteries I received with the instrument are of unknown status, and even after leaving them in the instrument for several hours to charge, they will not run the instrument even for an instant when I remove the charging cord. On the battery status screen there are some very strange messages, such as: Percent Charged: 225%, Fuel Gauge Error: Recondition Battery, Temperature: 159.0 degrees C, Voltage: 4.321 V. If I put the same battery in the other slot I get similar messages, but the battery voltage and temperature are very different from the previous readings. The Recondition softkey is greyed out and can't be selected. Is there something I can do to test and recondition these batteries?