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Odd question - how much packaging should a cal kit have??

Question asked by drkirkby on Feb 7, 2013
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I'm hoping someone can help me - preferably someone from Agilent, but other than that, perhaps someone who has bought a new calibration kit from Agilent, especially if they have the box it was packed in lying around. 

I bought a used HP  85050B 7 mm calibration  kit, which arrived in the state of the attached photo. As you can see, the foam has completely broken up. I have a dispute with the seller over this, and Paypal are involved.  

The seller maintains 
1) It left her in good condition. There's pictures of it on eBay, though i did not buy it through eBay.
2) I should have insured it.

My arguments about the packaging are:

1) The amount of packing was inadequate, so the forces inside the HP wooden box would help cause the foam to break up. 
2) It was inadequtely packaged, so any insurance would be void. 
3) Paypal state if goods are damaged in the post, the buyer gets their money back. 

I'd like to know what is considered a minimum amount of packaging to safely ship a calibraiton kit from the USA to the UK. Would the following be considered adequate? 

The *external* dimensions of the HP 85050B calibration kit's wooden box are 
530 x 200 x 65 mm

The *external* dimension of the cardboard box this was packaged in, are
610 x 340 x 65 mm

In other words, the cardboard box's height is the same as the calibration kit, so the calibration kit only managed to fit in there by opening the box somewhat and resealing it. Would that be considered acceptable packaging? 

The cardboard box is 80 mm longer than the width of the wooden box, leaving a maximum of 40 mm each side. Would that be considered adequate? 

The width of the box is 140 mm wider than the HP box, leaving a maximum distance between the HP box and the cardboard box of 70 mm. Would that be considered adequate? 

I don't intend anyone to get into a legal dispute with a seller, but I would like to point out the views of others on the amount of packaging necessary to safely ship a calibration kit. 

Obviously if anyone has exact dimensions on the size of a box that an Agilent 85050B woud be put into, that would great!