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Some questions about the 85055A 'N' verification kit.

Question asked by drkirkby on Jan 13, 2013
There's a couple of things I would appreciate clarification on about the 85055A 'N' verification kit. I'm trying to work out if the 85055A can be used to verify the performance of my 8720D with my 85032B calibration kit. 

I own an HP 85055A verifiction kit, which while a current Agilent model, mine appears to have been first calibrated by HP in 1990, so I suspect it is older than a few members who read this forum. 

The sales page for the 85055A 'N' veriification kit

states, the 85055A supports the Agilent 8510, 8719, 8720 and PNA series of network analyzers, although the PDF copy of the manual on the Agilent web site

only mentions the PNA series - there's no mention of the obsolete 8510, 8719, 8720, nor the current ENA or FieldFox ranges. I know the FieldFox does not support this - I've no idea about the ENA series. 

The manual states the verification kit is intended to be used with the 85032F and 85054B 50 Ohm type-N calibration kits, which are of course current models, with no mention of the obsolete 85032B. 

Does is actually matter what kit is used to calibrate the VNA? In particular, can an 85032B be used? (Since the 85032B is not in my VNAs firmware, it has to be loaded as a user kit. The VNA supports the newer 85032F, as well as the 85054B, but the latter kit is outside my price range). 

I guess I need to get hold of an older copy of the 85055A manual, where perhaps it will have more information about my antiques!