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DSO-X 2012A WaveformGenerator problem

Question asked by lc_bszet_dd on Jan 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by lc_bszet_dd
After updating the DSO-X 2012A to the latest firmware, i found a rather curious problem, unsure if it's caused by the WFG, or by a lack of coffee on my side.
Connected the WFG-OUT to the CH1-IN using a 50Ohms cable, set the WFG to 1kHz square wave, Hi-Pot=1V, Lo-Pot=0V, Impedance=50Ohms.
On measuring the signal, the scope shows me a signal with 2Vpp, instead of the 1Vpp as expected.
Attached the display of the measured signal, with WFG settings still shown.

So the question arises, should i rather go to bed and call it a day, or is this supposed to be this way?