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N9923A with Time Domain Option and Matching Impedance

Question asked by egc on Dec 28, 2012
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Hi Guys,

We just get a N9923A VNA with the Time Domain option. I found this option very interesting and I'm trying to use it to match the Z of some chip antenna at 916MHz. I follow the video introduction of Agilent about how to eliminate the effect of bad cable, connectors, etc using the TD option activating the FFT and then seting the Gate time betwen the last open cable effect just where it will be connected to the antenna feeding point and "the first minimum or valey" after the peak from my antenna. I adjusted the Velocity Factor (because I do not have the characteristics for the cable used) to fit the distance reported by the VNA with the real measuring of the dimensions of the cable, connector etc. Then de-activate the FFT and let the Gate ON, and measure the Z in the Smith Chart (And Return Loss in Log format) between the frequency band using 3 markers M1 at 902MHz, M2 at 916MHz and M3 at 932MHz to cover the center and complete freq band.
I would like for someone who had used this option to let me know if what I'm doing is right and if I'm supposed to have the same results as if I calibrate the instrument with a "single" Open or Short method as requested by the instrument during this calibration method.

Thanks in advance


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