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S21 result in positive . .. E8362B

Question asked by umerfarooque001 on Jul 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2012 by odanzy
Hi Agilent team,

We are facing a problem with our E8362B network analyzer. the problem is:

1. S21 is showing values in positive (some times very little like 0.005 dB and some times higher values like 0.7/0.8 dB).
2. Also, S11 is some times showing values which are not accurate and some times positive values.
3. Also, it was observed that some times just after calibration, either there was no error or it was very little but the next day results got bad with the very same calibration.

The temperature was in the range of 35-28 degree Celsius at different timings.

As per procedures, calibration was done at several different times but the problem is persistent.

The operator check was also performed satisfactorily but the issue did not resolve.

The NA cables were also changed, but the result did not show consistency; some times less error or no error but next time bad results with the very same calibration.

Requested to please help us in this regard.

Thank You.
Umer Farooque