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33522A LAN issues and units locking up

Question asked by aaron on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by cldiller
We have about twenty 33522A units in our development area and half of them are experiencing random lock-ups that only a power-cycle can break. These same units do not respond to ping requests when setup with static IPs, and when the LAN is configured for DHCP they either don't come up with and IP address information or come up with 169.X.X.X addresses (which is not in any of our subnets).

Those units that are experiencing the LAN configurations are also experiencing the lockups, a device that has never been connected to the network appears to have no issues whatsoever.

Since LAN connectivity is down, this makes upgrading (or for that matter, just reloading) the firmware impossible since the only firmware upgrade we know about is done over the network. Is it possible to perform any diagnostics or firmware upgrades without LAN connectivity?