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HP8562A amplitude calibration problem

Question asked by Harke001 on Jan 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2013 by Harke001
Dear all,

My HP 8562A (3040A5503, Rev: 891012) starts up without any error. However the amplitude calibration at the high end is not correct: the sa reads 10-15 dB low. The 300MHz cal osc reads correct (-10 dBm). Right now I do not suspect the mixer: it was ok some time ago and I am very carefull not to overload the input. So I ordered a TAM: HP85629A (Rev: 870218A). Alas, ignorance has its cost as I suspect this unit to be too old to be useful for my sa. I run the automatic fault isolation routine which stops at test 3: IF Log Check failure. Then I'm advised to dig into the instrument to check the internal 10,7 MHz cal osc. But before any surgery I'd like to know if my TAM is suitable at all for this purpose. I can only find info on the HP85629B, that I, obviously, do not have. Could the A be upgraded to a B? 
Any advise is highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
Harke ,PA0HRK