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HP8902S Uncertainty

Question asked by ruebenn on Mar 5, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2008 by TonBruSki

I have the task of calculating the BMC for the 8902A w 11722A/11792A and also using the entire 8902S system( with the addition of the microwave counter of course).
I have gone thru a few examples on the subject with the aid of the article posted in the Agilent Tech website entitled the LOW LEVEL POWER MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES AND ACCURACY.
The only problem that i am facing is the article is in pdf file and it is very blur - so much so, i cant really calculate the Uncertainty associated with it let alone to even read it.
I would appreciate if you can send me a clearer attachment or lead me to a website whereby i can learn more about the 8902A/8902S uncertainty calculations?
Also in the tuned rf level mode(from the freq of 2.5MHz to 26.5MHz), how is the uncertainty is calculated?
Can anybody give me a clue?
Appreciate the help.