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Any chance of adding 85055A N verification kit support to N9923A?

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 29, 2012
I own an Agilent N9923A, which is somewhere between Malasia and the UK, so I should get it next week. I also own an old HP 85055A verification kit, which is still sold and supported by Agilent

which supports the 8510, 8719, 8720 and PNA series of network analyzers. 

Is there any chance the firmware of the N9923A could be updated to support the 85055A? 

I bought the verification kit to use with my 8720D, but if it could be used with the N9923A, then that would be a bonus. Given instruments like the Fieldfox are likely to get knocked around a bit (perhaps dropped), it would make sence if there was a way to verify their performance from time to time in a lab. Using the N verification kit seems like the most sensible way, but I assume that would require an update to the firmware. 

I *believe* someone told me on this forum that if the 85055A was returned for recalibration, data could be put on a USB stick for a PNA as well as a floppy for my 8720D. So if Agilent will calibrate it and put data on a USB stick, there seems to me no reason the FieldFox could not read that data to verify it's performance. 


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