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How does Overlap Precedence work in Momentum 2009?

Question asked by on Feb 17, 2013
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I am trying to model an antenna, and on the top layer I have a loop trace, and a via connects from top to bottom.  The same shape loops underneath the top trace.  I am not yielding the correct simulation answer as i have measured the Antenna with a Vector Network Analyzer.  I am thinking the Stackup setup is the issue.  I believe the overlap precedence has something to do with fact the simulation is wrong.  I think somehow Momentum is simulating only the top or bottom layers and ignoring other stuff.  

There is no clear documentation on what this Overlap precedence do!  What is the effect when you have conductors on top and bottom?  The pictures on the documentations look like the metal merge each other ( this could be a reason why I get the wrong results.   Why does it merge metal? 

I really don't understand this parameter.  Perhaps those of you lurking around can post a quick note if you know the answer.