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RF ripple and Flatness. How and why?

Question asked by ahgan82 on Feb 18, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2008 by ahgan82
Hi Guys,

Appreciate if you guys manage to clear my doubts. Anyway, just for your guys information, i am doing power sensor products. Below is my doubts.

1. What is RF ripple?
2. How this RF ripple will affect the measurement?
3. What cause the RF ripple occur?
4. How to eliminate RF ripple?

Below is my understanding of flatness, please correct me if i am wrong. Thank you.

1. What is Flatness?
IF amplitude flatness would act as a frequency discriminator and convert frequency changes into amplitude errors.

2. How this flatness will affect the measurement?
convert frequency changes into amplitude errors.

3. What cause the flatness happened?
[u]due to SWR across any 10 MHz span, the contribution due to the AC coupling capacitor and the effect of the YTF (YIG tuned filter). and linearity??? /u]