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PNA/X Firmware A.09.80.XX reference level randomly changing when zooming

Question asked by rok on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2013 by jvall
Hi All,

I have a setup on the PNA-X which has multiple windows and within those windows have multiple traces. I noticed the following random behavior when testing with the A.09.80.03 and A.09.80.15 firmware. When I am double-clicking onto a blank area within a window to zoom in and then repeating that action to zoom out, every so often, the reference level for the active trace within that window would suddenly change to some random value, causing the trace display to shift and sometimes off the display area. The problem is intermittent, but once it happens, it will always change when zooming in/out of that window, despite my changing it back to the right level. My operators using the PNA-X also has noticed this problem as well. And it is not localized to 1 particular pna-x, since it is happening on 3 pna-x's we have. ( with the common theme that they are running the same A.09.80.15 firmware). I am hoping someone else can confirm this behavior and that the problem can be resolved.

Also, just wanted to mention that another similar random behavior that I've seen is the marker display of the traces for some windows would randomly shift from the default value of x=10, Y=10 to some value such as x=1,y=1 or x=1,y=10, or x=10,y=1 and other combinations. This behavior I have seen since A.09.42.XX firmware or when that feature of being able to move the traces around was introduced. This happens randomly whenever I'm recalling a .csa file. 


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Added some pdf examples attachments to show the behavior described.

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