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PNA N5232A Warning Message : WARNING: Receiver A is overloaded.

Question asked by stanleymyc Employee on Dec 3, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by gfarrel
Dear all,

i hope anyone encounter this issue before can help to clarify:

I have a question regarding the PNA warning message I encountered with, “WARNING: Receiver A is overloaded”.
I would take that as the power going into the Receiver A exceeded its damage level.
My model is N5232A, and the specs says the damage level is at +15dBm.
I have customized the front panels as I wish to boost the RF power at 900MHz.

And the error message pop up.

So I removed the cable connected to the front panel Receiver A in, and connect it to a power sensor to see what is the RF power.

The RF is only -2dBm.

I assume this message will pop up whenever a certain power compression level happen, rather hitting above +15dBm, however I couldn’t get the details from datasheet.

I am not sure shall we follow this spec for N5232A? any idea what’s the input power level that will cause this warning message.

my N5230C did not see such issue.

thanks everyone!!