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Newbie questions 34410A and Command expert

Question asked by ve7pke on Sep 21, 2012
Please be gentle ;-) This is the first time messing with control of instruments. Not really a software guy but can fake it if required.
I am trying to gt some simple things going with a 33210A and a 34410A and Command Expert. Before I get in working with Excel I want to get the sequences sorted out. I can get the 33210A to do what I want (set frequency and amplitued and turn on output) but don't seem to be having success with the 34410A and reading signals in dBm.

I can't seem to find a basic information on what steps I need to follow to measure and return a value in dBm. It it obvious to everyone but me. :D
I have tried a couple different combination and no joy.

:CALCulate:FUNCtion DBM

I figure you have to set up instrument, then measure, then I guess output it somewhere.  

Help please?
Eventually what I want to do is sweep an audio amplifier and record the response. I am open to all suggestions on how to do it. It looked like command expert might work.
I just figured out I could just use a browser to connect. That's cool but how do you write a program to generate and sweep etc? 
If you could do it totally browser based on without any software on a PC my client would be really pleased.

Thanks for any help. This stuff looks really cool. Hoping not to have to spend many hours on this but just need to get job done.
Willing to read and learn.

Kudos to Agilent to for making all this possible for us non experts.