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Resolution and clipping in averaging mode

Question asked by floj on May 14, 2012
Latest reply on May 20, 2012 by floj
Hey there,

i am using a DSO-X 3034A. I measure a signal in normal mode with a vertical resolution of 200mV/div. With this resolution the measured signal (inputsignal) doesn't clip (doesn't exceed the display). The noise is very high (about 1000mV peak to peak) and the signal (a sine at a specific frequency) i want to measure is about 10mV (I use the math function FFT and detect the level at my desired frequency). 
In averaging mode (2048 averages), only the signal (a sine) at my desired frequency is visible (no noise) and the amplitude is about 10mV. To get a better view/resolution of this signal, i adjust the vertical resolution to 20mV/div.
My question is: Does the change of the vertical resolution in averaging mode really not cause any clipping problems of my inputsignal? Do i cause any errors in this configuration?