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HP4145B is brain dead

Question asked by sunshine75 on Aug 10, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by embeddedsw

we cannot use our nice HP4145B any more because the floppy drive is broken and therefor we cannot boot the machine anymore (if I understood correctly it is impossible to boot from GPIB, isn't it?). The floppy drive (3.5" but non-standard bus e.t.c) is from Sony and has the model number MP-F52W-20 . Any internet search I have done so far was without success. I was lucky to find a HP logic analyzer with a similar floppy drive,
MP-F52W-30. But guess what, the pin configuration is quite different.
Does anyone know about a list where I could check which other equipment has an identical drive?

Any help is welcome!