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How do I get an arbitrary phase shift using two (2) E8257Ds?

Question asked by cmykuser on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 18, 2012 by tabbott
*Problem:* I want to get two separate output signals (pure sine, no modulation), at the same frequency, with an arbitrary phase shift between them. How do I accomplish this with the instrument setup described below? The output frequency is about 1 GHz.

*Setup:* I have access to two (2) Agilent E8257Ds, with pulse option, and one (1) external 50 MHz function generator (configured to output a square wave). All three instruments use the same 10 MHz reference. The function generator output is connected to the pulse input ports on the E8257Ds, with approximately the same length of cable.

*Related question:* If I configure the E8257Ds to output a non-modulated signal, will the E8257D output signal from each instrument be phase-locked to the 10 MHz reference? (And so, by extension, to each other?)

*My initial idea:* To set the pulse modulator to "Triggered with delay" on both instruments, then adjust the delay.

Am I on the right track?