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E3238S Signal Survey System

Question asked by thomas78 on Aug 1, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2010 by davidt

Some enquires on the E3238S Signal Survey System

1) Can i use LAN instead of firewire connection from E3238S to PC?

2) What is the scan rate for VHF and UHF?

3) For FHSS modulation, what is the maximum and minimum hop rate?

4) For the record option, what is the format of the audio signal stored at?

5) Where can i download a trial version of the software?  SSY* - RF Sensor Measurement Synchronization and N6829A audio player

6) For antenna, any preferred vendors i can work with or recommendation?

7) Are there any application notes on using 3 units of E3238S system to do triangulation to locate a specific point?

Can any experts in this field PM me?