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Turning off certain port combination in S-Parameter simulation

Question asked by nafipejh on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by sdgrant

I often import .snp files using data items (like ads_datacmps:S2P) with porst connected to its terminals, and then make the data from the file available by running an S-Parameter simulation. 

When I have more than one file import in my schematics some of the S-Parameters I get as a result of simulation are useless. For instance, if I want to import two s2p-files I will use two S2P components from ADS and then connect Port impeadances Term1 and Term2 to the first S2P and Term3&Term4 to the second S2P. 

Since I have four Terms in my schematic I will get the total of 16 S-Parameters, eight of which are useless - for instance S31 presents no information to me in this setup. 
If I want to plot the data I need to browse through many S-Parameters containing no data. Is there any way of switching off the unnecessary SParameters or maybe an import method allowing avoiding the generating of unnecessary S-parameters ?

Thank you in advance.