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Trigger 8161A pulse generator in Matlab via GPIB

Question asked by munich on Jan 25, 2013
I am trying to control a 8161A pulse generator in Matlab via GPIB. I can connect to the device without problems using:

obj1 = instrfind('Type', 'gpib', 'BoardIndex', 0, 'PrimaryAddress', 4, 'Tag', '');
obj1 = gpib('CONTEC', 0, 4);
fprintf(obj1,'FUNC:IMP CPRP');

Now I can also set values like the Burst number for example to 500 with:

fprintf(obj1,'BUR 500BT');

My question is, how can I trigger the device, so the pulses are sent now?
The manual ( says I have to send a BS command, which means backspace, I guess. But if I send '\b' via fprintf nothing happens. I guess the problem is that ATN has to be set to true, which is also stated in table 3-3, but I don't know how to do that and did not find any information on that in the manual.

I hope you can tell me how to trigger this device via the established GPIB connection!
Thanks a lot!