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Agilent 53131A vs HP 53131A Counters

Question asked by tamusino on Aug 25, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2012 by mkawasaki

I'm new on counters usage, so please excuse my dumb question.

We have an HP 53131A 225 MHZ counter installed on a tester currently working fine doing trimming on our UUT. This HP counter had to exchanged, such that we found one at our calibration lab an Agilent 53131A currently used to calibrate the Agilent 3070 boards testers know to be in good condition and recently calibrated.

We installed the Agilent 53131A, while doing the trimming tests on our UUT on same tester, tests started to fail.

Would like to know if programming commands and/or syntax changed between HP and Agilent type counters.

Both instruments used with the 82357B USB-GPIB interface. Both instruments are know to be in good condition.

Any help would be appreciated on differences on both instruments.