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Is there a standard or convention to save time-domain data?

Question asked by drkirkby on Jan 29, 2013
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Saving S-parameter data from a VNA in touchstone (.sNp) format seems pretty standard, so when I wrote some C code to save data from my 8720D, I decided it was most sensible to write .s2p files. Unfortunately, whilst .sNp supports S-parameters and noise data, it does not support time-domain data gathered with option 010 on VNAs. 

Is there any convention for saving time-domain data? If there is, could someone attach a sample file of the format, then I'll write my code in that format. 

What is actually displayed on the VNA screen if I select linear magnitude? Is is simply sqrt(real^2 + imaginary^2) ??? If not, what does get displayed?