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Sending LTE Tx Downlink IQ samples from iFFT to VSA..

Question asked by swong_88 on Jan 25, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2010 by swong_88
Hello all,

Has anyone ever tried to send raw IQ samples to VSA for demodulation??    I currently have a Matlab simulation for LTE Downlink.   I can capture IQ samples from the output of the iFFT.   I wish to send these captured IQ samples to VSA so that I can do measurements on them.   When I tried this, VSA was unable to demodulate the signal even though it seems like I have setup the Demodulation properties correctly.    I have also been able to match these IQ samples to SignalStudio outputs.   I tried to use VSA to recall the same SignalStudio project and still nothing.   Does anyone have any ideas?    Thanks for any help you can provide me..